Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What is the older, most popular, and all time best selling basketball shoe of all time? (As a matter of fact, 60% of all Americans owned at least one pair of these sneakers!) well it is not the expensive Air Jordans than the Nike corporation produces! Nor is it made by Fila,Reebok, New Balance, or Adidas. It is the CONVERSE ALL STAR “CHUCK TAYLOR”. They are more than just shoes, nostalgia, or fashion statement. As we know Converse one of the bigger brand in the world especially for shoes since of 20th century. This product always in trend even appear various brands.

From whom like a simple dressing, this shoes is very suitable for them because it can matching with any dress up. Converse promises a high quality to users. They are have two types first is high tops and low cut. This shoes durable for a teenagers who like outdoor activities or relaxing or can wear in the classroom. Converse shoes always meet consumer taste because of the design always follow the renewal and circulation from time to time and make user always waiting a new design of Converse. For example, there are many international artists like these shoes when performing such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day etc. Not only that, end of the last year Converse make a design for their shoes using a Metallica Band” as their design. This is one of factor why Converse can stand in this industry because they know what a consumer want it. That the offer price is very reasonable and are able to have all those. For instance the lower price is rm 80.00 and you will get a pair a shoes that give satisfaction in self.

Other than shoes, Converse also produce products such as t-shirt, bags, socks that follow by teenagers now a days. Most of the design had been designed based on the teenagers demand. Thats why the design are rare to be found as they are depands on their demands and the design mostly update according to the circle of trends. All this merchandise always get request for those who like this brand. They will feel confident with each step that you take. Hopefully that this will attract more teenagers to buy the Converse product instead of buying. You can show the support towards this product. History of Converse will never stop as long as they still keep the best quality as they do now.

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