Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me,My Self and I

First of all Welcome to my blog and thanks for being my followers.Why i choose a green color for my background blog because i like Green Day.They are one of my favorite band and why I put belladotcom because bella is refer to my nickname and dotcom for my url blog(
My name is Nur Nabilah Binti Kamarudin.I am from Cheras,Kuala Lumpur.I am twenty years old this year and I was born at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur on Feb 26,1989.
I have four siblings,two sisters and one younger brother.I am the third one.In my family I am very sturbborn.My father name is Kamarudin bin Slamat and My mother name is Samsiyah binti Mohd Noor.I am really love them so much and I hope Allah will give me a chance to pay their sacrifice
since I am in now to reveal.For giving my parents are the best gift from Allah and they are only that person I belive in my life.
Since standard one until six I was studied at Sek.Keb.Taman Muda and I was further my secondary school at Sek.Men.Keb.Pandan Indah starting form one until five.
Wait while the SPM results come out I have been work at Factory Outlet Store(F.O.S) at Bukit Bintang(K.L Plaza) and that is my first job and that moment I learn a many things especially how to find a money.I was realize how my parents fell to raise four of us.It is not easy if I have no education to face a life.A few months later i got a offered to further my form six at Sek.Men.Keb.Pandan.Mewah.
In my class only have twenty students and I have been a assistand monitar for two years.After I finished my STPM I was working at American Insurance Alliance(AIA) at Jalan Bonus almost one years and my position as a clerk.My experience working in the office very boring because do the same thing every day is not a real me.
One day I got a call from Uitm to attend the interview at main campus(Shah Alam) in major (publishing).When i got the call I am very happy because that courseis suitable with me.Finally I had offered to further my degree in that major.
Actually this is my first blog that I have been created in fully english.So I will try my best to improve it time to time.